“THE NEW FIRE illuminates with blinding brilliance.”


“THE NEW FIRE confronts nuclear energy misconceptions to promote eco-friendly technologies”

-The Daily Free Press

“Schumacher’s film focuses on how the generation facing the most severe impact of climate change is fighting back with ingenuity and hope. THE NEW FIRE tells a positive story about a planet in crisis and the young developers of new nuclear reactor designs who are trying to save it.”

-Neutron Bytes

“The real forte is the film’s ability to explain the science and technology behind nuclear energy using a comprehensive approach, resisting any tendency to talk down to viewers. Its clarity makes it accessible for all audiences.”

-Take One Cambridge

“inspiring and encouraging....THE NEW FIRE crackles with urgency about the imperative of restoring nuclear power as a formidable, viable, and essential response to climate change.”

-Broadway World

“David Schumacher’s new documentary, The New Fire, is unusual. It doesn’t try to rehash all the old arguments…Instead of acrimony, cynicism, and foreboding, the movie serves up hope and enthusiasm.”


“This is an incredible documentary: possibly the first of a kind as far as shining a positive spotlight directly on advanced nuclear power.”

-The Energy Reality Project

"There are some really interesting ideas explored here...[The New Fire] convinced me these ideas are worth more consideration."

-Neon Movie Bunker



THE CLIMATE CRISIS Status Report and Looking Forward: Could Next-Generation Nuclear Be an Important Part of the Solution? An educational event for members of Congress, congressional staff, and interested members of the public HONORARY HOSTS Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) PANEL EXPERTS Dr. Kerry Emanuel, Professor of Atmospheric Science, M.I.T. Bob Perciasepe, President, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions David Schumacher, Director of The New Fire Caroline Cochran, COO and Co-founder, Oklo Chris Levesque, President & CEO, TerraPower Introduction by Adam Zipkin, Counsel, Office of Senator Cory Booker Facilitated by Dr. Ashley Finan, Executive Director, Nuclear Innovation Alliance

Canada Green Party Leader Elizabeth May and Filmmaker David Schumacher discuss the implications of nuclear power reactors and how they can affect climate change. Watch full episodes and more at http://www.cpac.ca/primetimepolitics

Emmy-award winning film Director, David Schumacher, is joined by Caroline Cochran, a nuclear entrepreneur, Tyler Ellis, an investor and strategy consultant, and Mengyao Yuan, a climate researcher. Their unique perspectives make for a lively discussion on the advanced nuclear energy industry, its potential to scale, the alignment with environmental circular economy principles, and its role in the U.S.
David Schumacher (director) and Adam Zucker (editor) discuss their new film THE NEW FIRE.

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